With the popularity of the third generation of ponies animated specials were made but not released in televisual format and instead were all direct-to-video specials. The first special, A Charming Birthday, was released in 2003 packaged with a G3 pony. It was released as a VHS.

The next special to be released was Dancing in the Clouds which was released with the pony Star Catcher on VHS. It was later re-released as a bonus episode on the DVD for A Very Minty Christmas.

Friends are Never Far Away was next released with the pony Hidden Treasures in 2005.

The G3 videos then turned to Holiday themed with the release of the special A Very Minty Christmas which was first released in late 2005 then later re-released in 2008 with a Ponyville sized Minty with a santa hat.

The next video released was The Princess Promenade in 2006. A Charming Birthday was re-released on the same disc as a special bonus.

The Runaway Rainbow was the next special released and featured unicorn ponies in conjucture with the first unicorn pony being released, Rarity. It was released in 2006.

The next DVD release was called "A Very Pony Place" and featured three shorts, Come Back, Lily Lightly, Two for the Sky, and Positively Pink. This was released in 2007.

During 2008 and 2009 two DVDs were released with a pony wearing a special outfit. They were called "Pinkie Pie's Special Day" and "Rainbow Dash's Special Day" and the episode featured them wearing that special outfit.

In 2009 the last G3 related film was made (and it was really a G3.5 film). It was called Twinkle Wish Adventure and was a full length feature.