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Clover's sister Meadowlark is getting married and she's asked Clover and her friends to help with the preperations. While out doing errands they spot Clover's fiancee with another woman. Clover must decide whether or not to tell her sister.


Today's My Wedding Day

Excuse the silly smile upon my face
I can't help feeling things will go my way
My heart is lighter than a song
How could anything go wrong?
Today's my wedding day

I see the guests and flowers all in place
And then the wedding march will start to play
She's gorgeous! Stunning! What a bride!
So's the the groom who's at her side
I'm sure that's what they'll say
Today's my wedding day

Something's telling every bird up in the tree
Will be singing out a song in perfect pitch
And deep inside I feel a thrill
That the ceremony will proceed without a hitch
We'll exchange a ring and then embrace
I'll toss my little sister my bouquet

And then we'll ask each guest to take
A slice of perfect wedding cake
At least that's what I pray
Today's my wedding day