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Bon Bon cheats on a math test because she was too busy to study. She feel ashamed and things quickly escalate after Teddy steals her diary, which reveals her cheating, and threatens to show it to Ms. Hackeny.



Secrets, secrets
What if someone knew my secrets, secrets
Think of how embarassed I would be
If they knew the secret side of me

I like Teddy but I can't confess it
My secret hideout's where no one would guess it
I'm not as courageous as I'm painted
I saw a mouse last week and almost fainted

Once I got locked in alone for hours
I broke my mother's favourite vase for flowers
Don't know what I'd do
I'd die if people knew my secrets

It's the truth though no one is the wiser
Ms. Hackney is my personal advisor
What if all the kids should start repeating
I got an A in math by cheating

Secrets, secrets
Everybody has their secrets, secrets
Wouldn't want to give my own away
If you've got a secret it should stay
Secret, secret, secret, secret, shh