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What's next for the MLP Series Resource?
As soon as I track down my copy of a Very Pony Place I will add screencaps for Come Back Lily Lightly, Two for the Sky and Positively Pink. Also, the G3 Video section will soon be updated with Lyrics for each movie. I'm also currently working on a Pony Guide for Friendship is Magic.

How can I watch the episodes?
In order to get the entire 80's run season you'd need to purchase three DVDs. First, Season One is available on Amazon.com, you also may be able to find it in stores with a lot of random DVDs, maybe a kids' store. I also recommend Barnes and Noble if you don't want to go the internet route, their DVDs tend to be more expensive but they have a wider selection. In order to get all the episodes from season two you need to purchase two DVDs, The Quest of the Princess Ponies and Flight to Cloud Castle . On these two sets are all the episodes from season two. The Movie is also on DVD and is the easiest to find in stores, I've seen it available at Best Buy. G3 videos are often availble in stores, Toys R Us seems to have the largest collection, but otherwise can be purchased on amazon. The Tales Series is not available in the US for purchase. If you live in Australia, you're in luck. Australia is the only place that has all of the tales episodes available, hopefully they will be released in the US soon!