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Spike is nearly slayed by a young boy trying to become a knight. The ponies must help him to find a good deed to make him knightworthy that doesn't involve slaying Spike.


To Be a Knight
All I want is to be a knight
Fighting evil and doing right
But it seems my chance is slight
Everything I try, always goes awry

I start fighting an evil witch
Should have managed without a hitch
But, her pets made me sneeze and itch
Everything I do, alwyas goes askew

Once I tried my best
To rid a town of rats
I was so depressed
All I did was frighten off the cats

Damsells call me when in distress
I show up but it ends up a mess
Never once have I known success

Still my wish is strong to be
Don't tell me it's wrong to be
Oh, how I long to be a knight