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Winter has hit ponyland during the summer and they frolic in the snow until Galaxy brings up that something must be amiss. She spearheads a team of ponies to go to the North Pole and figure out what has happened.


We're Not Gonna Freeze
We're not gonna freeze, no sir
We're not gonna end up frozen
We're gonna hang in there together
We're gonna rise above the weather

We're not gonna freeze, uh uh
That isn't the path we've chosen
We're gonna leave the cold behind us
No more waiting till they find us

Frozen solid
like a block of ice
If you think we're giving up
Ha! No dice

We're not gonna freeze, my friends
That won't be the way it ends
We may be on the spot
We may shiver quite a lot

But no matter what
We're not gonna freeze
We're not gonna freeze
We're not gonna freeze

How Can You Be So Cold?
How can you be so cold?
So rigid and controlled?
How can your hear be so small?
Haven't you any feelings, at all?

Why don't you drop your guard?
You have some warmth deep inside
Why should that be the feeling you hide?

There's room enough for everyone
In this world in which we live
Can't you find it in your heart to forgive?

Why don't you show some love?
Some warm and tender love
It'll come back a thousand fold
And you'll wonder
How you could have been, so cold