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Baby Lickety Split runs away from home after destroying a baby pony ballet recital. Spike follows her, not wanting her to be alone and they end up getting lost in a series of caves where they meet the Grundles. Meanwhile back in Ponyland the witches have brewed up some Smooze to destroy the ponies' home. The ponies must then figure out how to get rid of the smooze while trying to find Baby Lickety Split


Evil Witches
Why can’t you be evil like I taught you?
Why won’t you misbehave the way you should?
You never used the guillitone I bought you
You’re just not bad enough for your own good!

Why can’t you be mean like Aunt Eureka?
She fed her victims until they almost burst
Then cooked them with a smidge of paprika
She always did her best to do her worst

We’re witches, and witches are wicked
How many times have you been told?
Your Great-Grandma Alexis crushed a kingdom with her hexes
And that’s the proud tradition I want you to uphold

Try to be as evil as your cousins
Lucretia was the cruelest in the crowd
She cooked up evil potions by the dozens
Be just like her and make your momma proud

We’re witches, wizards and warlocks
We’re the reason honest people purchase doorlocks
We’ve turne dprinces into frogs, peasents into phesants
Solidiers and sailors into swine

We’ve never been accused of being angels
But as for being devils, we’re divine
All of our plans were evil and malicious
And that is how I want my girls to be

Work hard at being vicious
And if you’re real ambitious
You might wind up an evil witch like me
A terrible, detestable, contestable, desipicable
Evil mean old witch
Like me!

The Flume
Why sister dear, you’re looking rather ill
I fear you aren’t feeling at your best
I hope you haven’t come down with a chill
perhaps you need to take a little rest

What about all the work we have to do?
You’re not goona do it all alone are you?
Oh Reeka darling, what are sisters for?
Not to worry, not to worry

I’ll do the dirty work, I’ll handle all the dirty work
You go relax in your room
I’ll collect the muck and myre
I wouldn’t want you to perspire
All you have to do is get the flume

The flume?
why not, I’ll be doing eveyrthing else, you’re not that sick
You’re right, in fact suddenly, I’m feeling a whole lot better
Draggle dear, I just now had a flash
I still owe you a birthday gift or two
I suffered from a lack fo ready cash
But now I’d like to make it up to you

I’ll do the dirty work, I’ll take on all the dirty work
Each humble job I’ll assume
I’ll be working overtime collecting mold and filth and slime
All you have to do is get the flume

The flume?
Happy birthday!
Reeka dear you’re really much to kind
Let’s just divvy up the list
Oh, nonesense, I don’t mind
But if you really want to
I insist!

We’ll both do the dirty work
We’ll both do the dirty work
Everyeone shoudl do her share
It’s really only fair

I’ll collect the greenish mold
I’ll collect the blackish muck
I’ll collect the furry mildew
Just my luck the mildew’s stuck yuck yuck

I’ll go find the yellow fungus
I’ll go get the silver slime
Sharing dirty work amongst us we’ll be done in half the time
You see it’s great when we cooperate

I’ll do the dirty work
I’ll gladly do the dirty work
No need to fret or fire both assume
I’ll do the dirty work
I’ll gladly do the dirty work

So long as someone else
So long as someone else
So long as someone else gets the flume!

Grundles Good
Don’t be frightened
What’s your hurry?
Have no fear!
Not to worry!
Sorry to alarm you!
Grundles won’t harm you!

Grundles? How do we know you won’t harm us
We thought you were some kind of monsters
Grundles good!
They still look like monsters to me
Is what everyone thinks!
But Grundles not monsters, Grundles good

Grundles good, Grundles good, Grundles good
Grundles small, Grundles nice
Grundles also quite concise
Grundle don’t waste words
Wasting words for the birds

People stunned, often scared
Meeting Grundles unprepared
Grundles are misunderstood
Grundles neat, Grundles gentle
Grundles sweet and sentimental
Grundles hug you never bug you
Grundles good, Grundles good, Grundles good

Grundles are misunderstood
Take a shot, take a ... blanket... ?
Grundles not as we’re painted
Grundles love all
And above all
Grundles good, Grundles good, Grundles good
Grundles good, Grundles good, Grundles good

I’ll Go it Alone
Why do they always have to tell me I’m wrong?
Why must they make me feel I just dont belong?
If they don’t like the way I sing my own song
I’ll go it alone
I’ll go it alone

How come the word I hear most often is no?
The way I’m treated I feel lower than low
It’s very clear that I’m not wanted here so
I’ll go it alone
I’ll go it alone

I know that you’re upset
But don’t rush off just yet
You can’t take the word on single handed
What if you should end up lost and stranded?
better that then being reprimanded

No matter how I try I can’t seem to please
What do they want? Should I go down on my knees?
If all they know to do is holler and tease
I’ll go it alone

Why must they criticize whatever I do?
My days of taking all their insults are through
Goodbye! so long! tada! farewell! tod-a-loo!
But, I don’t like thinking what might happen to you
If you strike out on your own

Spike! I’ll brave the unknown!
But Lickety you can’t!
And go it alone
Don’t go it alone
I’ll go it alone
Don’t go it alone - I’ll go with you!

Nothing Can Stop the Smooze
Something bad is coming down
Have you heard the news?
Listen up!
Get in side, better run and hide
Nothing can stop the smooze
You can’t stop me!
See the way it slithers forth, spewing gobs of ooze
I love ooze!
Here it comes, right now, nothing can stop the smooze
No way!

You can’t escape it, you can’t escape it
You haven’t got a chance
That evil goo is a witches brew
No matter what you do
It’s gonna get to you
Anyone who tries to fight is guaranteed to lose

You can’t win
So pack it in
Nothing can stop the smooze
Don’t even try

Here comes the smooze crusing along
Singing its funky, gunky song
Just ain’t no way to stop
Our gooey, gooey glop

When it comes to witches brews
Smooze is what we choose
We won’t swap, nothing else can top
Our rockable, unstoppable smooze
I love to smooze
Nothing can stop, the smooze!

There’s Always Another Rainbow
There’s always another rainbow
Search until you find it
Don’t look at the cloud, look behind it
There’s a rainbow there somewhere

There’s always a ray of sunshine
Though it all seems tragic
You may turn around, and like magic
There’s an answer to your prayer

Now you feel forlorn
But hope can be reborn
Try, and lose that frown
Look up, not down

And you’ll find another rainbow
I can guarantee it
Even though you think you’ve reached the rainbow’s end
There’s always another rainbow
Always another rainbow
Round the bend

What Good Will Wishing Do?
No one’s in a fix like I am
I am
No one has the luck I do
I do

No one had the setbanks I have
I have
Look where life has lead me too
Me too

Nothing I can see can help me
Help me
And with all that we’ve come through
Come through
I wish this was a dream so I could wake up
Wake up

But what good will wishing do?
Come on Lickety-Split, make a real wish
Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to improve the situation
I can’t help it, everything look so hopeless!

Nothing I can see can help me
Help me
Somebody will save you
I wish there was some cozy little in here
In here!
But what good will wishing do?
It might make your dream come true!

You Have to Find a Home
Home is where the heart is
It’s where you hang your hat
Without a home, you’re nowhere
And nowhere’s no place to be at!

Precisly Mr. Moochick but what do you propose we do about it?
Why there’s only one thing to do
You have to find a home
You can’t live without a home
Why everbody has to have a home

And I’ve got one to suit you to a T
It’s this darling little villa in Capri
Lots of closet space and overlooks the sea!
Uh Mr. Moochick it’s very sweet of you to offer
But I don’t think that’s exactly what the ponies had in mind

No? But goodness me, they have to find a home
How about the hippodrome?
It used to be quite popular in Rome!

Or why not do what Cleopatra did?
And buy a nice Egyptian Pyramid?
Take a look, I guarantee you’ll flip your lid!

Wow, that’s terrific!
There’s no doubt it’s quite wonderful Mr. Moochick but we couldn’t possible live there
My, my, you certainly are picky little ponies! Hrm, hum let me see

How about a teepee?
How about an igloo?
How about a treehouse made completely from bamboo?
I knew a woman once, lived in a shoe!

All right, I know it simply isn’t you
You need a place to dwell
The Taj Mahal is swell
Or maybe you’d prefer a swank hotel?
Or how about a palace like Versaille?

Well I really don’t know what I ought to try!
You’re looking for some castle in the sky!
We truly apologize for being so difficult Mr. Moochick
But Dream Castle was rather special

Yeah, it’s not so easy to replace
But you can do it I know you can!
You see Mr. Moochick, to the little ponies was like, like a little bit of heaven
Heaven? Well I’m afraid you little ponies had better come down to Earth!

You have to find a home, how about the Astrodome?
Or something furutistic made of chrome?
I’m sorry but if you want my advice
You’ll simply have to make a sacrifice
I know the home you had was very nice
But what you’re looking for is Paradise

We’ll take it!
It’s paradise !
Oh thank you!
It’s paradise!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Now comes the time to say Goodbye
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Could that be a teardop in your eye?

No need for sorrow!
Think of tomorrow
We’ll be together again

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Hope you keep smiling till then
I hope you keep smiling till then

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
All in a twinkling, spring is here
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
When did al the leaves and grass appear?

Where there were snow drifts
Now there are no drifts
Nor is the sky overcast
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Winter is over at last

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Frisking about as spring unfolds
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Breathing in the scent of Marigolds

Greeting the blue birds, welcoming new birds
Romping through meadow and wood
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Winter is over for good