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The ponies and newborn twins are invited to a dinner but quickly learns their hostess has other intentions and the true ruler of the castle has been locked away. The ponies must save him, and save themselves.


Newborn Twins
Ooh, those newborn twins
They really make me mad
If they met up with monsters
I'd be only so glad

Ooh, those newborn brats
They drive me up a wall
If they were chased by lightening
I wouldn't cry at all

Don't be silly
They're just babies
You're just talking out of spite
You don't wanna see them hurt

Why not? It sure would serve them right

Ooh, those newborn twins
I'd have no regrets
If someone bought them collars
And turned them into pets

Then you'd see us breaking into grins
Laughing and cheering
Joking and cheering
Sneering, at those newborn twins