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Gusty, Shady, Wind Whistler and Fizzy end up in a strange world where the balance is kept by Frazits being contained in a barrel. When the barrel is tipped everyone goes crazy and the ponies become the opposite of their personalities. They must restore order to get everyone back to normal.


Somebody Else
Gee but it's a thrill being somebody else
Somebody other than me
Instead of being stiff and stern
I'm wild, I'm lost, I'm free

Gee but it's a blast being somebody else
Someone who's part of the team
I'm working side by side by side and it's working
Like a dream

It's fun to behave like someone
Who is very bold and brave
I never knew it mattered
But it's nice being someone who's not so scattered

Gee but it's a joy being somebody else
It makes you walk on air
It let's you find the you inside
You never dreamed
No, you never dreamed was there