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Ms. Hackney leaves Starlight in charge of the classroom and they end up going on an adventure to Pony Rock where they end up trapped in a cave. They have to use a pulley, which they learned about in class that day, to save themselves.


Lessons, Lessons

Lessons, lessons
Pay attention to your lessons
Though they may be tiring
Knowledge is a precious thing

Not much glamour
Learning all the rules of grammar
Still the things we learn at school
May someday be a helpful tool

We should study history
It offers lessons at almost every turn
Study well each episode
You'll thank your stars for the things you learned

Reading, writing
Doesn't always seem exciting
Still next time you'll get depressed
When cramming for tomorrow's test

Stop delaying, though you'd rather be out playing
Give your thoughts to study for a spell
Someday it might come to pass
You'll use the things you learned in class
So learn your lessons well
Learn your lessons well