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Sweetheart's birthday is around the corner but when Teddy sabotages her friends' sychronized swimming act they demand she choose either them or Teddy to go to her party.


An Unforgettable Party

Colored streamers, party favours
Ice cream in an assorted flavors
All of the ingredients are here
For an unforgettable party
To usher in your 10th year

All your friends have been invited
Everyone is so excited
Thinking of the games that we will play
At this unforgettable party
To celebrate your big day

Pass the lemon!
Charades and statues!
Tag and musical chairs!
That's what makes a memorable party
Playing games that everyone shares

Read the cards and hearfelt wishes
Taste the chocolate, it's delicious!
See the gifts in every shape and size
It's an unforgettable party
A happy birthday surprise
It's an unforgettable party
A happy birthday, surprise!