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Melody believes Teddy stole her cassette player after it was left on the playground and Ms. Hackney takes this opportunity to demonstrate law practices and has the ponies act out a court room scenario where Teddy is on trial.


You Don't Know the Boy Like I Do

You don't know the boy like I do
You don't know how he can be
Warm and caring
Kind and sharing
The best of company

You don't know the boy like I do
I have seen his other side
Sweet and gentle
The things that most boys hide

Stubborn and rash
Yes, that's true
Impossibly rash
He's that too
Selfish at times
What else is new?
But breaking the law
He couldn't do

If you knew the boy like I do
You'd know why I take his part
He acts rough and tough
But that's all a bluff
I know what's in his heart
I know what's in his heart