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When Ms. Hackney invites a friend with a hot air balloon to school to talk to the students Patch jumps aboard and takes off. Bon Bon chases her down and jumps in too. They must deal with navigating the balloon and some unexpected turns that lead mysterious ponies to save them.


The Adventure

I've had it enough with this boring old routine
My days are dull and so free of fright
I need a brief diversion
Like a jungleland excursion
Oh, where's the adventure in my life?

I'd like to commandere a submarine
Or hike up to the top of a soaring peak
Or be an aviator
Look, a volcano crater!
Oh where's the adventure that I seek?

Something so exciting
Sounds so inviting
I need to go out and get away
Maybe mountain trailing
Or parasailing
Or being a spy, or a private eye
Or a pirate stowaway

Perhaps I'll travel in a time machine
Or steer a canoe over surging streams
Who wants to study science?
When I could be battiling giants

Oh where's the adventure
I want more adventure
I want more adventure than my dreams