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Starlight tries to get Ace to like her by joining the soccer team. After Ace humilates her she's ready to quit but Patch convinces her to play in the big game where she scores an amazing goal.


Perfect Pair

Maybe a new hairdo
Someting with a braid
Add to that a ribbon
Of a brillaint shade

When he sees me dressed up
That boy will stop and stare
He'll realize
We make a perfect pair

Going for a picnic
Skating on a lake
I can see in my mind's eye
The outings we would take

Give me a bandana
One he can't ignore
Bracelets are to make him
Like me even more

If I change completley
He'll become aware
That she and he
I mean, me and he
We make a perfect pair
We make a perfect pair

Perfect Pair (reprise)
Tried out for the team
And it was gruesome
It's plain to see that you and me
Are not the perfect twosome

All that I had wished for
Now has gone to ruin
Every hope and daydream
Burst like a balloon

High time that I faced it
I don't have a prayer
That boy and I
Must say goodbye
We're not a perfect pair