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Clover is an understudy in her sister's play but when she is called up to actually perform she panics and doesn't want to do it. She must overcome her fear to perform and learn how to deal with feeling like she's always in her sister's shadow.


She's So Much Better Than Me

She's graceful, she's charming
She's poetry in motion
And confident as can be

My faults are all so glaring
There's no way of comparing
She's so much better than me

The difference between us is wider than an ocean
My friends tell me endlessly
Sometimes it's hard concealing
This awful jealous feeling
She's so much better than me

Why aren't I the one with talent?
Why can't I dance as well as her?
Imagine knowing you're the best
Plus with looks and all the rest
Oh, if I only were

I doubt if she suspects it
Or has the slightest notion
How I am in misery

Her talents keep on growing
While I'm left stuck with knowing
It's plain for the world to see
She's so much better
So much better than me