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The ponies are swapping gossip when Patch makes up a story about Teddy that turns out to be true. Sweetheart accidentally confirms it and news spread quickly humilating Teddy. The ponies have to find out a way to stop Ace and Lancer from giving him a hard time.


A Juicy Story

So girls, heard any interesting gossip lately?
Well I've got a juicy story
Just wait until you hear
Madame Persavahn once had a beau
Kamalauso was his name
she's got his picture in a frame
I think they were engaged once years ago

So here's my juicy story
My neighbour dyed her hair
Instead of blonde, it turned an awful green
I heard her hair fell out in clumps
Cause she came down with the mumps
And now her family's under quarantine

I heard a rumor that Dazzle has a boyfriend
He plays for the Cleveland Bay's, or so I heard
At school you should have seen the boys
They jumped around and made such noise
Poor Ms. Hackney misspelled a word
Have you got a juicy story?

You know that stuck up pony
Who acts like she's so smart?
Well I heard today in math she got a D!

To share these stories is such fun
It's fun to share with everyone
Gossip that's as juicy as can be
Oh, I am in my glory when I hear a juicy story
So long as it's not about me
So long as it's not about me