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The ponies need to raise enough money to buy a new tea set so they decide to sell lemonade. Not to be outdone, the boys start their own stand and it quickly escalates into war.


Think Again

If you think that you can beat us, think again
If you think you can defeat us, think again
Just when you think you've got us licked
You'll find out that you've been tricked
Rosey futures you're predicting, think again

If you think that you can match us, think again
Though you try, you'll never catch us, think again
Just when you're sure you're out in front
We'll pull off some clever stunt
Search of luck, happy hunting may begin

Why not just admit you have no chance of winning?
We're not scared a bit, we've had the edge since the beginning
Think you'll win because you're leading, think again
Think that we'll wind up conceding, think again
If you take a backwards glance
You'll see you don't have a chance

Look out now cause we're ascending, think again
Think again, think again, think again, think again