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The city of Tambelon slowly appears in Dream Valley and first takes hold of the unicorns as they attempt to wink in and out. Once Tambelon settles in, Grogar tries to capture all the ponies so he can take over the land. The ponies must escape his clutches and make the ancient city dissapear.


Where Have the Unicorns Gone?
Where have the unicorns gone?
Where are those magical creatures now?
Once upon a time they frolicked near
What could have made them disappear?

I keep looking high and low
They're no where in the neighbourhood
I search every corner that I know
I can't believe they've gone for good

Bring back the unicorns please
Don't say they've taken their final bow
I still need a dream to dream upon
Tell me where have the unicorns gone
Oh where have the unicorns gone?

Escape, escape we gotta escape
If only we could squeeze through and alter our shape
Escape, escape we gotta get out
We gotta keep our search until we find the route
To lead us to our friends from this awful place

We gotta make a break, I had all I can take
I need some breathing space
Escape, escape we're locked up inside
And we can't get free, though we've tried and we've tried

However did we do it?
Somehow we went and blew it and wound up in a scrape
There's nothing more to say
All that's left to do is pray
That someday, someday, someday

We'll escape, escape, we gotta escape
We'll escape, escape we gotta escape
Let me out of here! Escape!

Let the Bell of Freedom Ring
Ring out the old, ring in the new
Time for a major alteration's due
Soon enough we all must sing
Let the bell of freedom ring

Ring out the news, speak loud and clear
Come on the day of liberation's here
Soon the changes will take wing
Let the bell of freedom ring

Somehow I can't help but feel
Any second now, that bell will peel
There goes the bell, we won the fight
Sing out the song of victory tonight

All the joy our thoughts will bring
Let the bell of freedom ring
Let the bell of freedom ring