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Woebegone has been cursed since childhood and when he wanders into Dream Valley things quickly start to go wrong around him. Some ponies shun him as bad luck while others jump to his aide and try to help him get rid of the curse.


I Better Go Now
I better go now, before you hate me later
I'm going while the getting's good
What's your worry?
What's your hurry?
We like having you in the neighborhood

If I don't go now you're gonna hate me later
No matter what I do it goes wrong
Don't be foolish
Don't act muleish
Here is where you belong

Maybe you're right, why should I move?
Don't be uptight, things will improve
We think you're just swell and we'll think so later
No matter come what may

You wouldn't mind?
Cross our hearts and hope to die!
Oh great!
I'll stay!

Come Back, Little Hobo
Come back little hobo, come back
We want you for a friend
Forget it, I'm a jinx
You'll hate me in the end

Come home little hobo, come home
Come play with us a bit
You're making a big mistake
I'll only make a mess of it

Telling me to stick around
Is taking quite a gamble
Paradise Estate will turn into a shamble

Please stay little hobo, please stay
You must'nt go away
All right, all right, okay
I only pray that you won't say
You rue the day I said, I'll stay