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When a door is opened to a land of fairy tales the classic characters invade ponyland. It seems good until they realize this has stripped all the books of the fairy tales that were previously written in.


There's a Prince in Your Future
There's a princes in your future, somewhere
Your Sir Lancelot is waiting round the bend
Now you may be minus
A Royal Highness
But your Romeo will show up in the end

But when will he arrive?
How long must I wait?
I know it will be soon
But let's leave the date to fate

There's a prince in your future, Heart-Throb
And he'll be exactly who you're dreaming of
Handsome and disarming
A regular Prince Charming
When he comes, you'll know at once it's love
Yes when he comes, you'll know at once it's love

I Was Born to be a Monster
I was born to be a monster
The fates gave me no choice
I got the monster's nose
And the monster's toes
And the monster's gravely voice

When you're born to be a monster
What else can you do?
You gotta grunt and growl
And hunt and prowl
Like other monsters do

Someone's got to be the ogre
Or who would heroes have to fight?
And wouldn't you know, it's just my luck
I fill the bill just right

I was born to be a monster
But I still have a heart
So please don't hiss and boo at me with scorn
It's not my fault
A monster, I was born