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Bon Bon's little brother is getting all the attention in the family because he's sick. Realizing this is a great strategy, Bon Bon feigns illness to get the attention of everyone.


A Little Attention

All my toys are boring
No one wants to play
People keep ignoring me
No matter what I say

All this fuss of baby brother
Because he has the flu
Well I would like a little attention too

Everyone is busy
Running here and there
I could fall down dizzy
and I bet no one would care

All because they heard my brother
Start to cough and sneeze
Well I would like a little attention please

They all laugh
As if I don't exist
Were I to dissaper it's clear
I would not be missed

Baby brother's pampered
I'd like that a lot
But I'm slgihtly hampered
Cause he's ill and I'm not

Let's suppose that dad and mother
Thought that I was sick
Bet you anything that would do the trick, oh yes
That would get me a lot of attention, quick