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An article in the paper leads the ponies to believe that Patch is actually a princess. The ponies dress her up and try to make her fit for a showing with the royal family but patch doesn't want to be royalty.


A Princess Must Look Beautiful

A princess must look beautiful
Her outfit must be grand
So we'll use this bit of lace
And this tattered pillow case
And whatever else we find on hand

A princess must look beautiful
And dressed with style and flair
So we'll make a royal cape
By recycling that old drape
And some fringe from that old easy chair

A princess must have diamonds
Strung from end to end
What luck your mom has all these rhinestones
Trinkets she can lend

A princess must look tailored
Trim as she can be
You don't want those jelly beans
Give em all to me

We tried to make you beautiful
- unintelligable - For a princess must look beautiful
And surprise!
That's how I look?