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The girls are using an abandoned house as their tea room but come back one day to see people are removing their things. Thinking these are thieves the ponies set up elaborate snares to scare the new ponies off.


Boys! Boys! Boys!

Boys, boys boys
What do we want with boys?

One's a bully
One's a brute
But some I think are awfully cute

Boys boys boys
Most of them make such noise
Ugly grunts and nasty snorts
Some write lovely book reports
But they play so rough and tough at sports
But at a dance, they're good of sorts

Boys boys boys
Boys boys boys

Some of them are helpful
Some of them are mean
Some are sharing even caring
But find me one, that's neat and clean

Boys boys boys None of us girls enjoys
The way they push and tease and shout
Well some are nice to have about
And some smell bad as sauerkraut

We can't live with
Or live without boys boys boys
Boys boys boys