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My Little Pony 'n Friends was created as part of a block for Hasbro's toylines in 1986 and ran for a year into 1987. It was part of a half-hour segment that began with one part of a My Little Pony episode and the second half of the show was either Glo Friends, MoonDreamers or Potato Head Kids.

In the early 1990s My Little Pony and Friends aired on the Disney channel as part of a block with the first half being an episode of the 1980s series and the second part being part of My Little Pony Tales, the 1990 series.

The 1980s series began with the release of the special Rescue at Midnight Castle. Released in 1984 on videotape this is the absolute best pony special to date and created the world and rues in which the ponies live in. It also set the standard for ponies that worry not about trivial "girly" things but that have to protect their society and work together to achieve harmony.

A second special was released,Escape from Katrina in 1985 and also released straight to VHS. This special continued the tradition of compelling storylines where there are real villains and real danger.

Next came the Movie in 1986. Although a critical and box office failure, it has become a cult favorite among My Little Pony Fans and launched Hasbro into making a televised series.

Season One consisted of 18 episodes, including the full length feature broken into ten parts, The End of Flutter Valley. To look at episode guides, pictures, lyrics and other information for each episode please click on the links on the left hand side.

Season Two was much shorter and consisted of only seven episodes and only one of which was four parts, The Quest of the Princess Ponies to see episode information, pictures and lyrics please click the links for each episodes on the left hand side.