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Bright Eyes wants to ask Lancer to be her partner in the roller dance competition but is too nervous. She asks for advice from her friends and Lancer does the same, changing the personality traits about themselves that attracted the other in the first place.


Play Cool

Want the girls at your feet?
Don't be friendly or sweet

Lesson number one, listen to me son
Here's the way it's done
Don't act shy or nervous like a fool
You have to play a part, play cool
Cool? cool

Want to catch the boy's eye>
Bake a chocolate cream pie
Let him know you like riding on a bike
Going for a hike

Sashay down the halls when you're at school
You have to play it smart, play cool

When the girl is there
Act like you don't care
Play it meek and coy
That's the way to win the boy

Don't be left on the shelf
Learn to package yourself
It's a common fact
Putting on an act helps you to attract

When in doubt recall this golden rule
You want to win his heart
You want to win her heart
Play cool