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A shape-shifter, Pluma, goes to Paradise Estate in attempts to unearth an amulet buried deep in the ground. The ponies agree to help her try rescue her grandfather from the bad guys who rule under the sea.


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
I am the meanest meanie I ever met
But I'm just half as bad as I'm gonna get
Why should I be humble?
I'll make the mountain crumble
You ain't seen nothing yet

When I'm in power, watch my enemies sweat
They'll succumb to you without a moment's regret
Let them try attacking
They'll get a shellacking
You ain't seen nothing yet

Though I make a promise, no idle threat
I'll be a baddy they won't ever forget
Better start praying or soon you'll be paying
Like the man was saying
As I was saying

You ain't seen nothing, you ain't seen nothing
You ain't seen nothing yet

I'd Get Out Fast
Oh I wouldn't try that if I were you
You never know what I might do
I disappear, then peek a boo
I'll hold your nose till you turn blue
I'd get out fast, if I were you

If all you end up in a stew
I'd say a hasty toodeeloo
You bit off more than you could chew
I'd get out fast, if I were you

You won't catch me, ever
No one can match me
I'm simply much to clever, clever

I think it's time that you were through
Or something awful may ensue
Before your darkest dreams come true
I'd get out fast, I'd get out fast
Oh yes I'd get out fast
If I were you, boo!

In No Time At All
In no time at all
We'll have things back in shape
Everything will be the way it was
Birds will start to sing again
Bees will start to buzz

In no time at all
You'll be shouting out with glee
At the change you thought could never be
Though the task is far from small
And it seems like a mighty long haul

With a little faith in trust
We can fashion dreams from dust
In just no time at all

All in Your Imagination
Go to bed, have no fear
You won't find any ghosts in here
It's all in your imagination

Close your eyes, shut the light
Goblins won't be about tonight
It's all in your imagination
If some scary monster picks on you
The odds are it's your mind playing tricks on you

So if a ghost appears in this location
Don't get in a state of agitation
It's all in your imagination
It's all in your imagination