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Magic paint makes everything in Paradise Estate come alive. When everything starts turning against them they must escape the house and turn back the spell.


A Fresh Coat of Paint
Isn't it amazing what a fresh coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint can do
Things frayed and worn
Are suddenly reborn
Everything looks brand new

Half the world awakens with a fresh coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint's like spring
Spirits revive, the whole world comes alive
And everything starts to sing

Things that are drab seem a lot less duller
When y ou add a touch of color
Brush a coat of paint on and you'll get a surprise
You'll open your eyes, and faint

You won't believe what wonders you achieve
With a fresh coat of paint
With a fresh coat of paint

Remember Those Times
Remember those times
When the ponies were here
They light up the world
Well, pretty darn near

Remember those times
Till the ponies left town
Things were looking up
Now they're all falling down

With the ponies
You knew where you stood
They dusted every room
When you could use it

They they went out the door for good
You never really know what you got
Until you lose it

Remembering those times
Almost brings me to tears
To hear the ponies singing
Would be music to my ears

But why stir up those memories
Of way back when
We'll never seen those ponies