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Deep in the depths of Ponyland an evil witch named Katrina has enslaved the Bushwoolies to create a magic brew to keep her powers strong. The Bushwoolies escape and she needs to find new slaves. She sees the Little Ponies and decides to try and capture them but first must steal the Rainbow of Light so they can't fight back. Megan gives it to Baby Moondancer to wear for the ball and she is quickly captured by Katrina. The rest of the ponies must venture into her cave to try and save Baby Moondancer.


Opening Theme
My little pony, my little pony
How has the world been treating you?
Have your dreams been coming true
Tell me what's doing, anything brewing?
Is something special in store?

My little pony, My little pony
Can't wait to see once more
What's been occurring? Anything stirring?
Hope your problems are few
My little pony, My little pony
May fortune smile on you
May fortune smile on you

Let's Not Take a Nap
Let's not take a nap, who wants to take a nap?
Let's let go, let's cut loose
Be a locamotve and caboose

Let's not nap today, let's stay awake and play
Let's not sleep, let's keep busy
Play a game of leapfrog til we're dizzy

Let's do somersaults, let's do cartwheels
Let's stay up until dawn
Let's have a pillow fight, let's have a tug of war
Goodness me, did someone yawn?
Time we took our naps, before we all collapse

No it's not, we're not ready 
Glory wants her bottle, where's my teddy?
To your beds, douse the light
And put your sleep heads down, and sleep tight

The Good Old Days (not included on the DVD)
There used to be a time, or maybe you've forgotten
When you weren't mean and rotten
Remember, those good before you turned bad
Old days

Don't hand me that line, I've heard enough
I like to play rough and if you don't it's tough
Oh how I long to see the sweety puss you used to be
The cute and cuddly kitten
Sitting on my knee

That girl is gone, good riddance to her
My advice, forget you knew her
But now I'm in my prime, the people, my power
And soon I'll make the whole world cower

And the sweet pussy cat I knew?
She made like a wind storm and blew!
She's gone, like those good before you turned bad
Old days

Dressed like a Dream
Dressed like a dream
They're all dressed like a dream
Take a look and you'll agree

They stepped right out of a fantasy
Dressed like a dream (dressed like)
Like stars that shine and gleam (that shine and gleam)
Sporting clothes so heavenly, they're lighting up the whole galaxy

Isn't it fun getting all done up?
pretending you're someone new
Life is supreme when you're dressed like a dream
Dressed like a dream come true
- break in the song, Rep and Katrina talking-

Isn't it fun getting all done up?
Pretending you're someone new
Life is extremely supreme 
when you're dressed like a dream, come true

Closing Theme
My little pony, My little pony
Time I was heading homeward bound
My little pony, My little pony
Twinkling stars are all around

Daytime is ending, night is descending
Smiling above is the moon
My little Pony, My little pony
Let's get together real soon